BPT is a travel and events company with a collaborative way of looking at the world. Our focus in on Immersive and Sustainable Travel.

Travel is an integral part of how we can all connect with new people and new ideas, find our commonalities, learn and share, change our perspectives, create positive change and in some cases even enhance or be enhanced by the places we visit.

We design custom travel experiences that will assist in bringing a deeper connection to your travels.

Immersive Travel is at the heart of what we do. We help you truly explore your surroundings whether on an adventure travel trip, a journey of inner exploration, a bucket list tour or as an Expat living in India. We wish to ensure that you go a bit off the beaten path, in your surroundings as well as within.

Sustainable Travel is our primary mantra. We will do all we can to ensure that the places you visit and stay or the events we assist you in creating will have a minimal impact on the natural environment as well as protect and enhance the cultural environment.

Big Picture Travel will assist with solo travel, family travel, group travel, retreats, conferences and special event organizing. We can also organize incentive travel for businesses and organizations large and small.

Our speciality and focus is India and South East Asian Travel. We can also assist with USA travel and events.

We hope you will join us and share your travel passions, life lessons and ah-ah moments with us.

Happy & Safe Travels on your Life Journey. We look forward to connecting with you.