Short & Sweet~Expat Trips

If India is currently your home away from home ~ Big Picture Travel wants to help you explore this fascinating, beautiful, culture rich, eclectic country while also networking with other expats and making new friends!

Please join us on one of our short & sweet getaway journeys and get to know India better!

The journeys are designed and led by Jen, founder of BPT and long time solo traveler who has spent years learning about India and all of the amazing travel experiences it has to offer. Jen is currently based in Delhi/NCR.

These short trips have been created to be meaningful ways to explore bits and pieces of the Indian culture and its environment while also having loads of fun together!

It is not always easy to travel alone or find time to discover new destinations with family, or even find time to plan a trip. These getaways are meant to help us connect with each other through small group travel experiences while exploring new places and learning more about the Indian cultural and all the variety it has to offer.

The Short & Sweet Getaways have been curated to be on the luxury side of travel. We will ensure a boutique experience that takes us off the typical tourist path, allowing us a more immersive and enriching experience. The trips are designed with attention to detail. Our short & sweet getaways are safe, relaxing, mini adventures to help you escape from your daily life for a time, make new friends and explore your home away from home.

Please see the links below for upcoming trips.


Mahabalipuram Weekend Getaway – 14th -16th of September 2018. 

Let’s discover Southern Tamil Nadu Together!

BPT is offering a special trip to Mahabalipuram.

To learn more please click here 


Discover an amazing ancient temple complex, visit the town of Auroville, see a bit of Chennai, sit by the Indian Ocean and be swayed by it’s music, enjoy fantastic shopping in the quaint streets of this seaside town and possibly discover what Ganesha Chaturthi is all about. Let’s go!