Ed Ochsenbauer- Ashland Wisconsin

Jen hired local city guides who were very knowledgeable, spoke clear English language and who had family roots dating back generations.
I never felt hurried or rushed on any city tour or attraction, a real testament to a well planned tour.
The variety of attractions, events, meals, and adventure was just the right mix for a well paced tour.
At the end of each day our group would gather and recap the day’s adventure. We discussed eye popping, jaw dropping events or sites and wondered how we could top what we witnessed that day…and we did.
We travelled by plane, auto, rickshaw, boat, elephant and camel and visited a dozen cities in a foreign land half way around the world and I felt completely safe and relaxed.
Jen really got to know all of us individually during our tour and she went out of her way making every effort to bring little comforts into our lives.
Having Jen as a host on our tour was a like travelling with a best friend!
We had many conversations with western travelers touring India and all commented on travel delays do to language barriers and understanding how to best travel within India. We had no travel issues, we moved through India on the Jen’s wings and our only tough decisions were deciding what to have for dinner each night.
Jen was there for us within minutes of landing in India to minutes before departing; talk about taking care of your customers!
Prior to leaving the United States for a foreign land which I did not understand the language and being one-half the World away I was completely calm and relaxed as Jen prepared her guests on all aspects of the trip with clear written communication.
-Ed Ochsenbauer, Ashland Wisconsin USA

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