Lynn Hall- Ashland Wisconsin

Big Picture Travel and Jen took care of all our needs!!   We had no worries in the 3 weeks we spent in India, just fun!  All transportation, attractions, hotels, and places to eat were all taken care of, it was like a personalized vacation in a small group setting!

Jen is highly organized and has traveled throughout India so she knows the best places to stay, where to eat, and the best attractions to see based on your interests and budget. Big Picture Travel focuses on small group travel, that way you get a personalized travel experience rather than a cookie cutter one. With Big Picture Travel you get so much more attention and detail to your trip and flexibility for those unforeseen overseas situations that can pop up.

Having Jen along with us as a travel guide on our vacation was awesome! Jen’s dedication to her clients in unmatched!  It was all about what we wanted to see and do.  She’s got a lot of connections throughout the country. Even when a group member got seriously ill in the second week of our trip, she arranged for the rest of us to carry on with the tour while organizing hospital care, a local liaison to help the ill group member and her husband, and travel arrangements for them to meet back up with us later on in the trip.  She never misses a beat!

Jen and Big Picture travel are highly organized, professional, personalized for all your travel needs, no matter how much time you have  or what your budget is.

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