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~What is Travel Design?

Travel Design is working with a personal designer who has in-depth knowledge and experience of the destination you are choosing to travel in. Your travel experience is then tailored to your preferred travel style and travel needs without all the work of doing the searching on your own.

A Travel Designer takes a more personalized approach and curates bespoke experiences after getting to know you and your personal travel style and travel needs. A traditional travel agent or agency will often work with bulk travel suppliers and large chain brands of hotels and resorts or possibly has never visited the destination your are seeking to travel in. A Travel Designer, on the other hand, will have in-depth knowledge of and connections with boutique hotels, unique experiences to explore, work with trusted local outfitters, and know of locations that are off the typical tourist track. This allows for your travel experience to be more immersive and enriching.

A travel designer can be seen almost like an interior designer. Someone who works closely with you to understand your personal style and needs and then assists you in creating your vision. The difference is, we are creating an Experience together with memories that can last a lifetime. Or, it may result in you purchasing a cherished momento or textile to add to your home!

Travel Design is for anyone looking for a truly tailor made travel experience.


~BPT Travel Design Services

Big Picture Travel is a primarily a specialist in travel to India. Whether you are looking for luxury travel, adventure travel, a culinary experience or seeking to explore the religions, the cultures or the wildlife of India, BPT can assist you in creating a fully tailor made experience especially for you and your travel needs.

We also assist with travel to Nepal, Sri Lanka and other Southeast Asian destinations as well as the USA.


~How does it work?

Jennifer is our primary designer and will work with you directly. Once you have sent an inquiry you will be contacted via email and Jen will ask you a few questions to get started. It is important to get to know you and your travel style and your travel needs as well as the locations you wish to travel in.  From there together we will begin to create a travel experience for you. An initial itinerary will be sent to you and then we will work with you to customize it until you are truly happy with it. Jen will ensure all of the bookings are done for you and you will receive all relevant documents you will require for your travel experience.

Jen works closely with several local agents whom she has worked with for many years. Every service will be handpicked to be amazing, safe, comfortable and will fulfill your travel style expectations.



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